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What is soba that contributes to the health of our customers?

Food must first of all be good for the body before it can taste good.
We value our customers, build a comprehensive dining space, and enrich their time through the provision of safe and secure handmade soba noodles.
We want to help the world by making it enjoyable.

Additives, pesticides, preservatives, oxidized ingredients, etc.
Why not?

Our bodies have evolved over hundreds of millions of years. Our bodies have evolved over hundreds of millions of years to be able to produce digestive enzymes mainly from the pancreas and small intestine.

Digestive enzymes are found in abundance in fresh foods, but they are heat sensitive and are lost when cooked with heat. When we eat, food is easily digested and absorbed by the digestive enzymes produced in the human body.

Herbivores eat fresh grass or hay, while carnivores eat live animals. Because the food is not cooked, the food itself contains many digestive enzymes, and the body uses the raw food's own enzymes to aid digestion and absorption, so there is no need for the body to produce digestive enzymes, and they have not evolved.

Now, Japanese food of the Edo period is said to be the best healthy food in the world. (From the McGovern Report, USA)
The ideal Japanese diet is supposed to consist of about 85% plant foods such as grains, beans, potatoes, brewed foods (soy sauce, miso, vinegar, natto, pickles, yeast, koji foods), vegetables, fruits, and seaweed, and 15% animal foods, mainly fish, with a daily dietary intake of 100. The Japanese people's traditional food culture was very close to this ideal. The reason why the Japanese, an agrarian people, have longer intestines than Western hunters is that their bodies have evolved over the course of their history to be able to digest dietary fiber.

Since 1950, changes in Japan's diet, food ingredients, and the environment that produces them have brought a flood of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, environmental dioxins, chlorine, preservatives, additives, and other chemicals into our bodies.
We have not yet adapted to the substance. Your bodies are confused and see it as foreign and harmful.
The body is doing its best to confront that substance and keep you well at all times. It is the immune system, the natural healing power.
To do so, the substance must be removed from the body through metabolism.
If this condition continues for a long time, the immune system will be weakened, and stress will be added to it, making the body more susceptible to disease. Our descendants far in the future may evolve to cope with this situation, but it is said to be impossible for our generation to do so.

Nutrition Education Health Advisor® Certification

As a Nutrition Education Health Advisor®, you will be certified as having a basic knowledge of nutrition education.
We have knowledge of the Basic Act on Nutrition Education, efforts toward nutrition education in other countries, and the relationship between nutrition education and lifestyle-related diseases.

when eating
What are some things to keep in mind?

1. choose foods that are kind to the body
Wild vegetables, mushrooms, yams, nuts from natural forests, natural seafood, marine products, and other materials from the natural environment that have never been touched by humans.
*Organic materials Vegetables, grains, fruits and other crops grown from good soil

2. eat right, eight portions and chew well (Utilizes the digestive enzyme amylase in saliva)

3. exercise, take in water(an important role that improves the flow of the following)
Blood, lymph flow, stomach, intestinal flow, urine flow, air flow, chi flow


Human health is the result of the interaction of many factors. Diet is only one of them.
Encountering good ingredients and good food works on various elements of the customer,
As a person involved in the food industry, I could not be happier if I could be of service to you.

  • one's food history
  • one's lifestyle
  • sleep
  • one's (living) environment
  • motivation
  • Ability to love someone (or something)
  • Improve natural healing power

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